#AskNaomi: What's An Easy, LOW COMMITMENT WAY to Hang Pictures - Without Damaging My Walls?

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How to use Command strips to hang pictures easily

Raynita asks: Do you have any tips for hanging pictures without damaging the walls & my paint? I'm soooo indecisive and I know I will probably want to switch out or move the frames around after a couple of months.  

Yessss! First, I am all for switching it up every now & then, that's how you stay excited about your home! And bare walls are just awful anyway... 

For temporarily hanging things, be it photos & artwork or wall fixtures I recommend using Command strips & hooks. Command has an entire line of affordable products that take the 'eww' out of glue and make it so easy for you to hang things. They’re good for people who like to change up the look of their place often and even better for renters who don’t want to risk losing their deposit at the end of the leasing term (Lawd. Please don’t do that.)

I recently used a few of Command's adhesive strips to mount a full-length mirror to my wall and a shower caddy in my bathroom. (You can even use the Command hooks to hang those canvas prints that come with the wire already strung across the back.) They hold really well and when you’re ready to remove them you just pull straight down on the tab and -bam- it’s off. Each pack you purchase comes with extra adhesive strips, so you can reuse them.

Just make sure you pay attention to the weight limits printed on the package so you don’t wake up in cardiac arrest when your frame falls and shatters in the middle of the night. Follow the instructions to a T and you should be fine. Use some pencil to mark where you want your frames to hang and get that gallery wall going girl! Send me some pix!


via ThePrintableConcept

via ThePrintableConcept




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