Women who choose to work one-on-one with us are investing in their personal growth and experiencing insane levels of peace in their homes.

*Given the sensitive nature of the work we do and the high level of trust it requires clients to place in us, you can be assured of 100% confidentiality when working with Place-to-Palace.

Hands-On Organizing is perfect for you if:

  • You live in the Miami area.

  • You have one or more rooms in your home that need some refreshing, and a more organized system, and you are ready to make some serious changes in the general aesthetic of your room/home so that

    • You can easily locate what it is you are looking for,

    • You are comfortable & at peace in your home instead of feeling swallowed by it, and

    • You can feel proud of your home and ready to show it off!

  • You need an expert to develop a CLEAR, PERSONALIZED PLAN for how to approach your project and a PARTNER to help you create a VISION for your space.

(or …you’d rather have a Professional Organizer do all the work for you!

Other than your input while decluttering, that is totally possible!)

Most of all what you really want is someone to

  • GUIDE you, SUPPORT you, and HELP you to alleviate the very big burden of clutter and disorganization (but that someone has to be kind, skilled, flexible, and non-judgy)!



Miami Professional Closet Organizer Decluttering & Wardrobe Editing


The hours I spend organizing in your home, plus:

  • A complimentary 45-minute consultation to discuss the details of your project: What is making you crawl the wall, and what your vision is for the future.

  • A fully accessible personalized Pinterest board so that you can compile inspiration and visuals of your goals for your home

  • Time spent designing layouts & organizing solutions according to your budget

  • Additional time spent shopping for any needed supplies & organizing accessories

  • Hauling off trash or donation items after your session

  • Arranging appointments with other service providers

  • Communication with you via phone or email up to two weeks after your session

  • And of course… coffee, tea, or champagne?



3 Sessions (12 hrs. total): $495

*NEW! Payment plans available

Think you’re ready to jump in? Need a little coaxing?            


"I used to be afraid that I would stay unorganized forever. Instead I got clarity from 1) Realizing that it's 'a thing' to get help getting organized 2) Learning just how to add structure where there is mess and 3) Understanding that everything has to have a place. What helped most was Naomi's coaching & talking me through it to find out how I'd even got there in the first place. There's just a genuine sense of love & support, and she challenges you to think bigger. She helps you to really see yourself, to see how you can sometimes be your own obstacle." T. B.