Miami Professional Organizer Naomi Johnson

Meet Naomi

Funky, energetic, stylish, Naomi is the pro organizer - meet - BFF you always wanted. A New York City native,  she is outspoken yet gentle, sweet but stern, focused and driven, wrapped up in a big ball of fun - and all too keen on living fabulously in not-so fabulous spaces.

"In New York everybody practically lives in a closet. There's not much space for anything extra, so I first started organizing for friends & family when I was a teenager - I'd jump at the chance to spend entire weekends decluttering & coming up with easier ways for people to store things. I wish I'd known then that it was a thing - and a thing that not many other people were good at nor enjoyed doing."

The Howard University Fashion Merchandising major has always had a keen eye for space & style, effortlessly turning what seems like calamity into calm. It was in 2013 when she started taking it seriously, after losing both of her parents and having to embark on some serious self-therapy, she turned to revamping the small, over-stuffed apartment her parents once occupied, and shocked even herself at her ability to open up and stylize the once cluttered, tight space.

"I initially started as just something to distract myself from the pain - when I don't know what else to do, I touch stuff. But I quickly found the therapy in it."

Unlike organizing spaces for others, she was able to personally experience the therapeutic benefits of organizing this space she now had all to her self, experiencing firsthand the intense rollercoaster of emotions throughout the process, nonetheless coming out feeling like a champ at the end of it all. "I remember I would just stand in the doorway and just marvel, at 4AM, I stood there until it sunk in. I could not believe it. The way the house looked and more importantly how I felt."

She also realized something. "Once I was done I was able to reminisce on the 'Before' and I put 2 -and-2 together: If your house isn't happy, it's hard for you to be happy. It helped me to better understand the dynamic growing up in that household. Now I get it. It's why I live for the 'After'."  

She's been hooked ever since, traveling as far as a ticket will take her, empowering women to turn their homes into royal residences and personal playgrounds - that reflect not only their style, but their hearts. 

"Life can be super hectic, unbearable sometimes, but more often than not I believe having a soothing, calm space that inspires you is the foundation for moving through the storms and bouncing right back." 

"Organizing is now a passion of mine, my little art form, similar to a painter with a blank canvas. It's freedom to express, create, cleanse, and solve a puzzle - all in one. ...If you ask friends what drives them crazy about me, it's probably my constant nagging for them to put things back where they found it. Ha. It makes me nuts."


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