The Single Ladies’ Blueprint to Shedding Her Home’s Dead Weight - JUST IN TIME FOR THE NEW YEAR

…Because DUCKING, HIDING, & YELLing “I’m not home!” just isn’t GOING TO CUT IT ANYMORE.

WHEN we’re done it’ll be 2019 and YOU’LL BE ANSWERING THE DOOR LIKE -


Girl. You’ve got blessings on blessings on blessings to receive this new year. And the truth is…

All your stuff is blocking them.

…But first, let me see if I got this right.

On the outside you’re the woman who has it all figured out. You are so good at everything you do, you’ve got the money, the home, the amazing friends, you’re doing your THING in your career. You can solve other folks problems without batting an eyelash, - honey I know - You’re pretty much a BOMBSHELL.

But when you walk through the doors of your home -

Somebody call the cops. Your life is a hot mess..

You’ve got everything else figured out, but you just can’t seem to figure out how to get and keep your home in order.

You’re a BOMBSHELL. But your house? Is where the bombs go to explode.

  • You’re literally suffocating in your house - You have so much stuff, and you don’t know where to put any of it - theres just not enough space for it all.

  • It’s embarrassing, and the thought of having company over is pretty much - “Um. No. Absolutely not.” You’re tired of making excuses and hiding inside your cave.

  • You’ve tried repeatedly to de-clutter & get organized, but you’re attached to EVERYTHING. Every time you attempt to get it done you just give up and go back to binge watching Netflix episodes, and it ends up the same way it started - a hot. ass. mess.

  • It’s gotten to the point where you can’t concentrate in your own home, you’re overwhelmed, stressed out, and you don’t know where THE F!#K to even start.

  • …Meanwhile you’re browsing the Pinterest pins and stalking @(insert perfectlifegirl here) half screaming - half mumbling to yourself “DO PEOPLE REALLY LIVE LIKE THIS?!” …And let’s be honest - After working an entire day all you wanna do is come home, crack open a bottle of wine, and sleep. Like, whoooo has the TIME?! 


You want to walk into your home and feel good - not stressed the hell out - and you’re desperate to get it together.

You want to go into this New Year clear.

Level headed.

In control.

You KNOW that you can figure this out.

You KNOW that you can get this clutter under control.


I completely get it because I’ve been there. My life got turned upside down years ago when I lost my parents - and I never imagined I would end up alone in a crowded house like the one I was in - but it happened. There was stuff everywhere. Girl, I wallowed in my dark space feeling lost, confused - like my house would eventually bury me alive.

I know that having the home of your dreams is possible, right now - even though it probably feels a million years away… It doesn’t have to be that way. I struggled with the shame for months until I discovered a new way of doing things that changed the game for me.

I went from being ashamed of my junky a*s house to hosting some of the most AMAAAAZING girl-talk pow wows & slumber parties ever - right in my living room. It was Selfie Central in there. By the time the end of the year rolled around my house was cleared out & organized, I had more space, more clarity, and a whole new game plan.

*And to top it off I even made some good $$$ renting out my new *gooorgeous* space to tourists (…to rave reviews might I add. ::hairflip::)


Thinking back to where I started… I never would have thought it.

…And I created ‘NAOMI, fix my house.’ specifically to help other women move through the process and come out on the other side, too.


Here’s what your life is about to look like:

  • You no longer dread cleaning up because you have a system now to get and stay organized. Everything in your home has a place.

  • You’ve pretty much turned into the hostess with the most-est, hosting cocktail parties, dinners and inviting folks over left & right because you’re proud of your home and love showing it off.

  • You have way more free time & extra cash now because you’re spending way less time searching for things and re-purchasing things you KNOW you already have. Your time is now spent on doing things you actually love, like working on that business idea you've been pushing back for so long...

  • Your anxiety is gone, you’re going into 2019 feeling so much lighter and more clear in your space, and you don’t feel such an attachment to things of the past anymore. You've moved forward with your life, you’re focused on the future and you LOVE YOUR HOME right now. 


The Single Ladies’ Blueprint to Shedding Her Home’s Dead Weight


A 21 DAY PROGRAM that will help you de-junk & system-atize your home so that you can free up space and create a home you love… and that loves you back.

Say goodbye to pretending you’re not home when folks want to visit and having to like, literally - go outside to change your mind - Your new home is waiting!

Naomi Fix My House is all about gracefully transitioning from overwhelmed & stuck - to proud “Hostest with the Most-est” who makes this organizing *ish look so easy - We’re going to choose one room in your home and you’re gonna learn how to CLEAR OUT all the stuff in that room that no longer serves you and ORGANIZE what’s left - so that you can be emotionally, mentally and physically free to focus on bigger and better things in your life.

There’s a bad-ass woman buried underneath all that clutter - and we’re gonna dig her out.


  • 1 2 hour private chat with me every week to walk you through the process of organizing your space. We’ll talk face-to-face via live video chat so you can have my eyes & expertise 100% focused on you & your stuff, and don’t feel like you’re doing this alone. I’ll be there to support you the whole way. ($582 value)

  • Customized product recommendations that are MADE for organizing you & all of your stuff. I handle the shopping list for you so that you can take the decision making & overwhelm OUT OF IT. ($95)

  • 1 weekly GROUP Q&A call via video chat with me & any other De-Cluttering Babes I’m currently coaching (aka, your NEW BFF’s) so you can have a steady support system of accountability partners to keep you motivated and share and CELEBRATE all your progress with! And honey, do we celebrate. ($389 value)

  • ‘The Organized Girl’ checklists with journal prompts & action steps so you can clearly see your goals, self-reflect, record your progress and highlight your BADASS-NESS every|damn|day of this journey. ($39 value)

  • Not only will you have a space that is clear, uncluttered, that you are proud of, but YOU WILL LEARN THE SKILL NEEDED TO GO INTO ANY CLUTTERED AREA OF YOUR HOME (or someone else’s, ha.) AND ORGANIZE IT - LONG AFTER WE’RE DONE.

…That’s a $1,105 value.



  • Will you force me to throw stuff away? Um, how? Haha, no. I will give my opinion, possibly make you question your reasons for holding on to things, and suggest better ways to store items - of course, thats what I'm here for. But the final decision to keep or get rid of anything is 100% yours.

  • Will you help me if I get stuck? Yes, you’ll have 24/7 access to me via email as well as our weekly group calls to get my help with/(if any) new questions arise. I got you girl, don’t worry!